When Language Runs Dry: Pain, the Imagination and Metaphor.




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Dimensions of Pain: Humanities and Social Science Perspective

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Praise for Dr. David Biro's latest work:

"True genius... Each thoughtfully selected example helps to find the language that Biro seeks... Through many individual components, Biro creates a larger portrait of pain, deftly addressing the physical as well as the psychological aspects of the human experience of pain... He moves beyond simply recounting events and instead transforms how the reader thinks about pain." — Preeti N. Malani, Journal of the American Medical Association

"Here's a pain medication you can't get at the pharmacy... Thoughtful, lyrical... We should pay attention to Biro's difficult, complicated lesson." — Publishers Weekly

"Enlightening... rich in its philosophic and literary meditations on pain and metaphor... Biro is to be commended for the acuity and sensitivity of his reflections on the patient's experience in this thoughtful and richly referenced book." — Raymond C. Tait, PsycCritiques, the American Psychological Association
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